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July 18, 2013

Dreamhack Valencia News Roundup

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Written by: Michael Dao
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Dreamhack Valencia is just around the corner, and there’s two pieces of news that interested parties should know before the event starts. First, is the announcement that NaNiWa will not be playing as originally expected. Johan Lucchesi is opting to remain in Korea to continue to train as opposed to traveling all of the way back to Spain to compete. In his place will be Ilyano “Stephano” Satouri. This will be one of Stephano’s last tournaments, as he has announced that he will be retiring at the end of the year to attend school, having taken two years off to pursue professional gaming.

Also, the groups have been announced. There is an open component to the format, and players will compete on the first day. Those that advance in the first round of group stages will then face professional players in the second set of group stages which takes place on the second day.

Group 1
 AlaStOr (Z)
 Esselta Gaming Hotspur (Z)
 Inferi eSports Club Spidy (P)
 Grow uP Gaming wlfz (Z)

Group 2
 mY insanity Dana (Z)
 Inferi eSports Club EnDeR (T)
 Infused Kaldi (Z)
 Poutr3 Stephane (T)

Group 3
 Punchline Denver (Z)
 Grow uP Gaming Foxie (Z)
 Gamersleague Noticimus (P)
 Mouse Control PoYo (T)

Group 4
 Clinon (Z)
 Grow uP Gaming HyDrA (Z)
 LoLvsxD (Z)
 ZAiN (P)

Group 5
 Inverse World GreatGatsby (T)
 NaRa (P)
 Inferi eSports Club ßlackKniGhT (Z)
 SupplyZero Trehor (T)

Group 6
 Awesome Gaming BabyToss (P)
 Wolves eSports Club GamBu (T)
 Alien Invasion Krr (P)
 Alien Invasion Revenge (T)

Group 7
 Mouse Control Darkomicron (P)
 Inferi eSports Club Kenro (P)
 mYinsanity LionS (P)
 Inferi eSports Club Typhux (Z)

Group 8
 Myi ABomB (P)
 AizatMo (T)
 APSC2 Majestic (P)
 Midnight (Z)

Group 9
Playing with Fire Hikari (T)
 MDNS Jorpez (Z)
 aAa NeOAnGeL (P)
 AT Gaming Sihoe (P)

Group 10
 Alexalder (Z)
 aAa Divi (Z)
 aAa MarineLorD (T)
 aAa MiNiMaTh (Z)

Group 11
 Agony (T)
 Mouse Control NEEK (P)
 aAa PsiOniC (P)
 SupplyZero WaKa (Z)

Group 12
 Grow uP Gaming MagicPT (P)
 VAV GAMING Mitsuray (Z)
 VAV GAMING Scream (Z)
 APSC2 vgalino (T)

Group 13
 SupplyZero Botvinnik (T)
 mYinsanity PengWin (Z)
 SupplyZero Protosito (P)
 ArEs Sergi (Z)

Group 14
 moebius (T)
 Aprender Mzrk (Z)
 Alien Invasion waCk (Z)
 Poisoned Hearts Winter (Z)

Group 15
 Menace Fuzer (T)
 Grow uP Gaming hood (T)
 FM Esports RazerBlader (T)
 Inferi eSports Club Torru (P)

Group 16
 Inferi eSports Club adro (T)
 dvt (P)
 3D Clan Noname (T)
 OocNégation (T)

Day 2

Group 1
 Mousesports LucifroN (T)
 Copenhagen Wolves Sonder (Z)

Group 2
 Evil Geniuses Jaedong (Z)
 XMG monchi (P)

Group 3
 Fnatic Harstem (P)
 Team Liquid Ret (Z)

Group 4
 Millenium DieStar (T)
 Complexity TheStC (T)

Group 5
 Western Wolves MorroW (T)
 mYinsanity StarDust (P)

Group 6
 CopenhagenWolves Bunny (T)
 Quantic Gaming HyuN (Z)

Group 7
Ence elfi (P)
 Evil Geniuses HuK (P)

Group 8
 Dignitas TargA (Z)
 Mousesports VortiX (Z)

Group 9
 Dignitas BlinG (P)
 Millenium Dayshi (T)

Group 10
 Anexis Verdi (P)
 Tt eSPORTS White-Ra (P)

Group 11
Western Wolves StarNaN (P)
 ROOT Gaming YugiOH (Z)

Group 12
 Millenium Goswser (Z)
 Evil Geniuses Stephano (Z)

Group 13
 Grubby (P)
 Dignitas Tefel (Z)

Group 14
 Quantic Gaming Center (T)
 CMStorm PandaTank (P)

Group 15
 Fnatic NightenD (P)
Alliance SortOf (Z)

Group 16
 Evil Geniuses JYP (P)
 XMG SaltTheWound (Z)

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