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May 13, 2013

Evil Geniuses Loses Another Player – Stephano Announces Retirement

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Written by: Michael Dao
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The strangest thing about eSports is that players will announce retirement at absurdly low ages. Recently, we had Greg “IdrA” Fields announce that he would be leaving competitive play after his release from Evil Geniuses at the age of 23, and now we have the retirement of Ilyes “Stephano” Satouri at the age of 20. However, the circumstances between these two players leaving is quite different – Stephano will be going back to school and continuing his studies, something he had paused for two years as he became a full time professional gamer.

Stephano started playing Warcraft 3 casually for two and a half years against the AI before he started to do so competitively and then joined a number of European teams. He transitioned to Starcraft 2 in late 2010, and was hired as a semi professional player, as he was still in high school. He has made a name for himself as probably the best foreign player out there, winning the 2012 WCS Europe Finals, Season 3 of NASL, 2011 Electronic Sports World Cup 2011 and IPL Season 3. His career has also been marked with some controversy, as he was suspended for a month in the fall of 2012 having made remarks about molesting an underage girl on another player’s stream, causing him to miss a number of tournaments. Satouri has publicly stated that his goal as a professional gamer was to make as much money as he could before retiring and seeing to his education. His original plan was to compete for a year, but ended up extending it by another year. His career winnings total $216,000. It is probably safe to say that he was successful.  It was today on his stream that he would be retiring on August 15, 2013 in order to return to school.

eSportsDigest wishes Stephano the best in his future endeavors.

Source:  TeamLiquid

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