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May 12, 2013

Greg “IdrA” Fields Leaves Competitive Gaming As A Player

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Written by: Michael Dao
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In an interview with JP McDaniel on his show, Real Talk, Greg “IdrA” Fields, after his release from professional gaming team Evil Geniuses, announced that he would no longer be a competitive gamer.

I am not going to continue as a competitive player, it’s just gotten to the point where competition is not enjoyable for me anymore, and that is what kind of drove me in pro gaming, especially in Starcraft 2. I don’t particularly enjoy the game, but I really liked beating people and now that’s just… Well, I’m not winning nearly as much, which is part of the reason it’s less fun, but the competition itself is just not as interesting to me, or challenging to me, or satisfying to me as it used to be and without that I see no reason to continue playing when there’s a lot more I could do in the community and this coincides as well with [the] departure from EG as it gives me a lot more freedom to do things on my own to pursue things that interest me on my own.

JP McDaniel, pulled no punches during the interview and covered several previous incidents including an incident where he said that he hoped that his opponent would get cancer and die, and also his early departure of a match versus Polt in the 2013 WCS, where many felt that he was behind, but not in an unwinnable position.

According to IdrA, his transition out of being a competitive player and into being more of a caster and getting into video production was not something that was ongoing – the management at Evil Geniuses were planning on doing so because he was clearly not happy as a competitive player. IdrA was actually streaming some matches on ladder on Twitch.Tv yesterday and made some additional comments as to what in his future – he did not want to take donations from his fans – but was considering a subscription model for his stream, and that he would implement it as soon as he figured out the perks and model.

Also revealed was that after the past year, Fields was planning on retiring or moving on. He’s going to focus on streaming, commentating, casting, he would love to cast larger events, and really focusing on analysis and producing a lot of content. Evil Geniuses offered to pay the rent for IdrA’s apartment for the remainder of the year as he moved to the area, and as an agent for his future endeavors.

The full interview is available below.



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