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July 23, 2013

Inviting Regulation: The Sportsification of Video Games

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Written by: Michael Dao
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Phoenix Wright

A fantastic article inspired by the recent decision by the US Government to grant visas to League of Legend Professionals, placing them alongside traditional athletes. The article then goes into further possible ramifications including Title IX issues in colleges.


Inviting Regulation: The Sportsification of Video Games

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Michael Dao
An avid lifelong gamer, Michael in particular enjoys RPGs and RTSes, though he has been known to dip his toes into the murky depths of First Person Shooters. Michael in particular enjoys Starcraft 2, and is a (terrible) Gold League Terran. Hero. Villain. You decide. Incredibly contrarian.


lady game lyric

Falling Slowly

Fresh from Lady Game Lyric is a video of her newest song, Falling Slowly / Farming Slowly another fine, fine Legaue of Legend parody.  
by Michael Dao


What to Watch: Khaldor Talks about the WCS Finals and Korean eSports Politics

This What to Watch isn’t a match, but a video of Thomas “Khaldor” Kilian talking about his opinions of the recent WCS Finals and offers a real behind the scenes look at Korean eSports politics and WCS itself. ...
by Michael Dao


Papa John’s Pizza Looks At eSports Involvement, Get Pizza for Half-Off

A number of eSports teams and organizations including Evil Geniuses, Liquid, ROOT, OneMoreGame.TV and the DotA 2 League are working with Papa John’s Pizza in order to introduce a “mainstream company” to eSport...
by Michael Dao


league of legends

League of Legends 3.7 Patch Notes

  Akali These two changes are intended to give Akali’s kit some utility. With Twilight Shroud now granting vision where it’s placed, Akali can perform interesting jungle and lane jukes by first casting Twilight...
by Michael Dao

wcg 2012

2013 World Cyber Games Allegedly Replaces Dota 2 with League of Legends

GosuGamers is reporting that as a result of some wheeling and dealing, League of Legends will be added to the list of games at the World Cyber Games Finals in Kunshan, China at the end of 2013, as Dota 2 is being dropped. Thoug...
by Michael Dao



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