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June 15, 2013

RoX.KIS Receives Bans from StarLadder After Allegations of Illegal Betting

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Written by: Michael Dao
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Yesterday, Vialii “V1lat” Volochai, a representative for StarLadderTV tweeted that the captain of RoX.KIS, Alexey “Solo” Berezin, was discovered to have made a bet against his own team. The consequences are that the team has been removed from the tournament, and will be banned from further events for one year, Berezin will be banned for life from StarLadder events, and members of the team that participated in the game in question will receive three year bans. This situation is very similar to that of Pete Rose in baseball, who received a lifetime ban because it was discovered that he was betting against his own team while he was managing it.

The team have asked for a full investigation, and some additional details are coming out. So far, the facts are that a bet on the match was placed on an eSports betting site with an account that the site has confirmed does not belong to Berezin. The IP address of the account holder was from the same city as Berezin, although it is not Berezin’s IP address. The money from the winning bet was deposited into Berezin’s account. (However, this is not as damning as it seems as any money can be sent to the account so long as the ID is known – and it is so people can donate to it.)

The circumstances are both odd and contradictory, and fans are taking both sides of this. The fact that the money placing the bet came from a single Webmoney account, and that the winnings went into Solo’s account is certainly very odd. That can lead one to believe that Solo is innocent of these charges. Yet, RoX.KIS is a much stronger team, and though the match had no bearing on the end result of the tournament, being a professional means that all teams should be playing to win all of the time. So, it is moderately damning.

All of this for a $100 bet that got $322 in winnings, and three year bans for young players whose careers might not even last that long.

RoX.KIS claims that their squad is innocent of the charges and is pressing for a full investigation.


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