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May 26, 2013

Ryoo “SeleCT” Kyung Hyun Returns to Starcraft 2

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Written by: Michael Dao
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Ryoo “SeleCT” Kyung Hyun was recently rumored to have returned to Starcraft 2, as he was spotted playing Starcraft 2 on his stream. He is a retired Starcraft 2 player, having played Terran previously for Team Dignitas. His experience has been in RTS games previously, who first started competing in Warcraft III and is a two time World Cyber Games Champion in Dawn of War.

SeleCT became well known in the United States due to his performance in the MLG Pro Circuit in 2010. He started with a seventh place finish in MLG Raleigh 2010, but his fame really came from MLG DC 2010 where he lost and was placed into the loser’s bracket, and then continued to win, and played eleven matches consecutively to make it to the finals, where he then won second place, having lost to Greg “IdrA” Fields. At the MLG Dallas 2010, he placed twelfth, making him the highest ranked Terran player for the circuit that year. 2011 would be a bigger year for SeleCT, Willing the Tt eSPORTS Challenge 2, the 2011 North American Invitational, and the Multiplay i42, and taking second and third place at countless other events, winning over $20,000 in prize money in 2011. His last big performance taking second place ASUS AROG Stars Invite in November of 2011, after which we saw his results wane. In October of 2012, SeleCT announced his retirement from competitive Starcraft 2, and moved to Dota 2.

Playing Dota 2, SeleCT joined the new team, Mineski.kor in November of 2012, but just four months later, QPAD Red Pandas announced that he would be finishing their Dota 2 Lineup. His achievements in Dota 2 have been pretty good for the short time he’s been playing, taking 7-8th in WePlay Dota2 League Season1, first place in the Star Ladder Star Series Season Six Qualifiers, and again winning in the SK Gaming Trophy #1 this past March. However, in late May, SeleCT started to play Starcraft 2 on his stream, even setting a goal that he would reach Grandmaster in two days.   At the end of the night, he was certainly facing Grandmaster opponents, facing off against Paulo “CatZ” Vizcarra in a tense and exciting TvZ match which he lost. It was clear that he had not really played Heart of the Swarm as some mechanics were foreign to him, such as how some of the destructible rocks worked on certain maps, such as Akilon Wastes. It was during the stream last night that SeleCT revealed that he had indeed left QPAD Red Pandas.

Unfortunately, SeleCT did not make his goal because of how the Grandmaster League works. The league represents the top two hundred players in a season. The selection for Grandmaster League occurs shortly after a season begins, and once in the league, players remain there until the end of the season. The only way for a new player to join Grandmaster League is if another player leaves it, and that only occurs through inactivity. However, after two days of laddering, SeleCT currently holds first place in Masters in his division. He will probably be moved to Grandmaster at the start of next season at the very latest, should he keep playing. He has not announced any plans to join any teams or play in any tournaments currently.

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