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July 27, 2013

Starcraft’s Triple Crown

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Written by: Michael Dao
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The Starcraft 2 community is certainly an interesting one with it’s own vocabulary and accolades, often awarding players who already play by pseudonyms additional nicknames. Evil Geniuses’ Jaedong is often referred to as “The Tyrant,” and KT Rolster’s Flash is equally referred to as “God,” or “The Ultimate Weapon.” It’s in this vein of naming things, that we come up to the Starcraft Community’s equivalent of the EGOT (Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscar, Tony). It’s the Triple Crown, and it’s been only won four times, with one individual winning it twice.

Most recently, it was CM Storm’s Polt who clinched his Triple Crown by winning the grand final at the MLG Anaheim earlier in 2013, but what does it take to get a Triple Crown? It’s when a player wins a premier tournament in Korea, Europe, and North America. A premier tournament is generally an offline event where the prize pool exceeds $25,000. Polt had previously won the Asus ROG Winter 2012 and the 2011 GSL Super Tournament. The only other players to have reached this achievement are MMA, Life, and MVP, who has done so twice.

It’s fairly interesting, considering the quality of Korean players out there that not more have won the Triple Crown, but sometimes it does make sense. The best players often only play in Korea, practicing and improving their game, while traveling to foreign tournaments across the world can only serve to hurt their game. This is one of the reasons why Flash’s announcement that he would be stepping up his game while attending more foreign tournaments was met with such skepticism.

Regardless, winning a premier tournament in each of the major geographical regions is no mean feat, and there is a short list of players that are simply one title away from achieving it. The most likely winner of the next Triple Crown is Bomber, as he “only” needs a European win to get his three, having won MLG Raleign in 2011 and GSL – Code A in 2011 as well. All of the players that have a European and an American win obviously need a Korean one in order to get their Triple Crown, something that is not an easy feat. Life and MMA are both a single win from achieving their second Triple Crown, with Life needing a European win, something that Sjow denied him at the Dreamhack Summer this year, and MMA requiring a North American win. MVP remains a strong contender to take a third Triple Crown having finished 3rd-4th in the WCS Season 1 Global Finals

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